Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

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Just thought I'd share what I absolutely, positively did NOT do this week.

I never, not even once, spent the entire day in my jammies because I didn't want to add to the laundry pile. I keep my laundry totally up to date, so there would really be no pile to add to. So I didn't do it.

I absolutely did not throw away a sippy cup because it had milk in it. Old milk. Even if it was gross, it would still be wasteful to just throw it away, so I just wouldn't do that.

I also didn't spend several hours playing with my cell phone while things like dishes and laundry went undone. Read above, I don't have a laundry problem, so I really have plenty of free time to spend with my phone. Not that I did though. I also didn't leave the kids doing math on their own so I could play with the phone. I'd never do that. Nor would I send them outside to check on the puppy 37 times so I could read the manual of my phone in peace.

You're totally right, MckMama, everybody needs a little Not Me Monday in their life!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The New Addition

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Meet Pepper Puppy.

I am SO not a dog person. I'm actually getting attached to the little darling though. LOL

She just showed up in my parents' yard after Hurricane Ike went through. The kids immediately became attached to her while I fervently prayed for owners to show up. Jim seemed to become attached to her before he ever even saw her. The Lord seemed to answer my prayer with a reminder that He has a sense of humor, convincing me that her owners did indeed show up.

A funny thing - we took the cats with us when we evacuated but left the fish here. Evidently fish don't really care for houses that get really hot when without power for a week, and fishie didn't make it. Okay, that's not the funny thing. The funny thing is that in their campaign to keep the dog, my children tried telling me that we had been a three pet family and that one of our pets didn't survive the storm, and therefore needed to be replaced by the puppy. Um yeah ... let's trade a fish for a dog. riiiiiiiight ... that's an even trade.

Since our fence went the way of the fish during the storm, Pepper is currently on a chain. I don't really like to keep dogs on a chain, but she seems very good natured about it. She's just a good natured dog all the way around I think. Brendan has spent hours alternately playing with, loving, and torturing her. She actually seems excited to see him every time he goes outside. Brave little puppy. Or maybe she knows that she's going to be bigger than he is really soon.

Anyway ... that's life at our house.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog under construction

Pin It Not that it isn't readily apparent, but thought I'd post that yes, I am aware that my spring elements and my fall background don't flow so well. I like to make my own header and elements, so that might take a while. I wanted to go ahead and make a new background before I lost the one that I liked.

And yeah, I'll post a hurricane update soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The greatest blessing

Pin It The greatest blessing - having your 10 year old take off to clean her room without being blessed or bribed, and while doing it, singing this:

I just love that child. Thank you Lord for the work You are doing in her and for choosing me to be her mother!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Pin It Since I can't come up with anything interesting to say for myself, I'm just copying surveys and memes I find elsewhere.

This came from Mrs. P's blog.

Your Issue Profile: 24% Obama, 76% McCain

When it gets down to it, you tend to best match John McCain.

But he's not the perfect candidate for you, and you may not be sold on him yet.

Obama shares a good number of your views too, so you might want to give him a second look.

It all comes down to which issues matter to you the most.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Labor Day Meme

Pin It Totally copied from Mama J, who got it from Rocks in my Dryer.

Feel free to steal it yourself, I love reading birth stories. Just leave me a comment if you steal it so I'll know to go to your blog and read it.

How long were your labors?
#1 - no labor, scheduled c/s
#2 - no labor, scheduled c/s
#3 - about 17 hours, mostly pretty light, until he was born by c/s

How did you know you were in labor?
#1 - no labor
#2 - no labor
#3 - These weird pains kept coming at regular intervals. LOL Let me tell ya - go to a hospital, tell them this is baby #3 and that you have no idea what labor is and be prepared for REALLY funny looks.

Where did you deliver?
#1 - St. Joseph in Bryan
#2 - St. Joseph in Bryan
#3 - St. Elizabeth in Beaumont

Um, yeah. I don't think they do c-sections without them.
#1 - spinal block, was a reasonably pleasant experience
#2 - spinal block after about 12 tries and bruises all over my back
#3 - general anesthesia after a panic attack after four spinal block attempts

3 times yes

Who delivered?
#1 - my most fabulous doctor, Dr. Benson
#2 - again, my most fabulous doctor, Dr. Benson
#3 - my primary doctor after moving here, Dr. Smith. He was also a great doctor, but I do have to admit I took a teeny bit of pleasure at messing up his schedule and having him come in late at night to do my c-section. Eh, that's why he gets the big bucks, right?