Monday, July 25, 2011

Gratitude Journal - 281 - 290

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Still on something of a blogging break ... but gearing up for back to school soon and will likely be posting regularly again.  In the meantime, I remain thankful ...

281.  RAIN!!  We've had a lot of rain recently and the grass is green, the burn ban is lifted, and it feels back to normal around here.  I'm sure we're still way under the amount of rain we need, but it's nice to not be walking on crunchy grass and worrying so much about a stray cigarette thrown out of a car taking out a whole neighborhood. 

282.  For days like today with nothing on the calendar.  Friends are going to come over for lunch and playtime and we have just an easy day today.

283.  The smell of cookies in the oven.

284.  That the oldest and her cousin had a fabulous time at camp.  I was a little worried because the cousin didn't know anybody other than the oldest and sometimes they're the best of friends and sometimes notsomuch, but it could not have gone better!  The cousin made some new life-long friends, and the oldest also had a fabulous time!  :)

285.  The National Guard "two weeks in the summer" is over.  We only had one bad day here with Daddy gone, so I'm calling it a success.

286.  For a fun family day on Saturday.  (And for being reminded that I am officially old now.  We went to an army "welcome back" type party ... and OH MY at the young army families there.  I really did leave feeling old ... but thankful because I'm not sure I would really want to be in my early or mid twenties again!)

287.  For the fun the girls and I are having planning their new bedroom!  Walls are coming out very soon and new walls coming in ... and then the fun begins!  I'm very excited to give them a pretty bedroom!

288.  For a great time the two little ones had at VBS at my friend's church last week.  (Although I think I have heard enough of the "b-b-b-b-b big apple adventure" song!  Ha!  No seriously - I'm glad they learned the songs and go around the house singing them.)

289.  For a great weekend visit to my parents last weekend.  The oldest sang in their church and we just had a great visit.

290.  And for a huge big enormous praise ... which I already mentioned in another post ... but have to shout out again:  my mom is DONE with cancer treatment.  AWESOME!!

I will be linking up with today.  Feel free to hop on over and read other gratitude journals, or start your own!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I really am still here.

Pin It I didn't leave the country or anything.  We have just been so busy!  So much for lazy summer days.  (Although - there have been some of those ... and on those days, I've even been too lazy to do any blogging!)

I did have to come on today though, and post for those of you who aren't on my facebook.

My mom FINISHES her cancer treatments today!  Like within the next hour she will be ringing the bell and will be D.O.N.E.

I know many of y'all have prayed for and with us and I certainly would love for you to share in the praising now that it's done!

Thank you all for your kind words, prayers, and encouragement through this!  :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gratitude Journal - 271-280

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271.  For my sweet little one, who greets me every morning with hugs and snuggles and gives me kisses and hugs before he goes to bed each night.

272.  For lazy days ... when, even if I wake up early, I can be lazy and lay around in bed and snuggle with small children.

273.  For cold sweet watermelon on hot summer days.

274.  That the surgery recovery, which started out at record pace seems to have slowed down.  This is a good thing because it's forcing ME to slow down and enjoy some quieter moments with the family.

275.  For a family who hasn't grown completely tired of doing just about everything for me.

276.  For a sweet memory of being a little girl hanging out with my grandmother as I made purple hull peas the other day.  Oh my, yumminess.  Next time I will by them unshelled so that I can have the kids help shell them and tell them about my Mema teaching me how to shell peas!

277.  For a fabulous VBS program, complete with a family night at the pool, which my son declared "the most fun EVER." (and MAYBE this week I will finally upload the pics from my camera.  I have REALLY slacked off on the pictures lately.)

278.  For having our 2011/2012 homeschool stuff all organized and ready to go.  Everything is on its proper shelf and looks nice.  It will look this nice until the moment school actually begins.  haha

279.  For finally having a "book club" buddy.  The oldest is reading some books I have enjoyed and it's been really fun getting her take on them.

280.  Did I ever even post about the middle one's birthday party?  That is definitely a thankful list item.  Great group of girls, fun girly stuff, no sleep ... and the middle one loving her party and feeling like a princess.  :)