Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finding What They Love and Do Well

Pin It I think it's hard to be the middle one, especially when the middle and oldest are both girls.  Especially when the oldest one has an ability that is noticeable.  I think the middle one tends to live in the shadow of the oldest one. This is really a bit ridiculous, especially in my family, because my oldest and middle are NIGHT AND DAY.  Seriously.

About two years ago, my friend suggested that we consider Taekwondo for our middle one.  Well, in looking for activities different than things her sister would be interested in, this may very well top the list, so we tried it.  I honestly did not expect her to enjoy it after the novelty of it wore off.
A new black belt!
I was wrong.

She is now a black belt.  She knows she can do something that her sister cannot.  This morning I walked into her class after it was over halfway over.  I watched, in fifteen minutes, her take on some leadership with younger kids and them respond well to her.  I watched her work really hard to learn a new skill.  I watched her fail at that skill a lot more times than she succeeded at it.  I watched her be frustrated and want to give up.  And then I saw determination.  And more hard work.

She did not master this skill today.  She did work hard, and she is planning to continue to work hard and WILL master this skill.

I love to see the pride she has in this.  She has developed friendships and confidence that she would never have had without it.

I'm not saying "everyone go out right now and enroll your child in Taekwondo!" but I am saying there is something fabulous that happens when your child finds an activity that is theirs.  Watching her work really hard to do this activity well is such a blessing!  Sure it might be easier if she and her sister were involved in all of the same activities, but it's worth the extra effort to see her shine in her own activity!