Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS day 5

Pin It ... and everyone around here is dragging around like we've been running some kind of marathon. What is it about VBS that just wipes everybody out? I'm really not working all that hard this year. I'm not needing to prepare things at home and get them up there, and I'm not having to run around doing a lot while I'm there. It lasts three and a half hours, and of that, I spend about an hour and a half with the kids. Not much. Still I'm dragging around. Crazy.

I've had fun this year though. I've enjoyed the people I'm working with, I've enjoyed the curriculum, and I've enjoyed what I'm doing. My kids have enjoyed it as well.

I desperately need them to go to a VBS at another church though, so I can enjoy the VACATION part of VBS!

1 comment:

MamaJ said...

I am STILL TIRED!!!!!!!!!! zzzzzzzzz. Maybe after a week of recouperating, I will be over VBS this year!