Monday, December 22, 2008

Nope, Not Me

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Ah ... Monday again!

I am NOT enjoying a ton of laziness that comes from Christmas break. Yeah, it will be a different sort of busy this week, but I certainly did not sleep late this morning and I am definitely not walking around a bit ... um ... hygenically challenged today.

I have not threatened to have children open and then give away Christmas presents as an attempt to bribe good behavior out of them. I'd never do that. After all, these are presents that I picked out especially for the little angels, and my children would never misbehave anyway. Must be some other mom I heard about doing that.

I have not thrown the diet to the wind the past few days, and I certainly do not plan to follow that same pattern this week. What foolishness that would be! To work so hard and then throw it away for some yummy peppermint fudge. And I don't even like peppermint fudge anyway. Nope, I'd never do that.

I did not gleefully pass my children off to my husband last night and go to dinner with my parents all by myself. I did not cleverly plan this excursion way back in November, by having certain Christmas presents shipped to them rather than me, so that there would have to be some kind of trip made to pick up the presents. I did not enjoy the quiet time in the car, and I certainly did not eat too much. (See the paragraph above, I would never do that!!)

And one more ... I have not been searching google for how to handle three year old temper tantrums today. This is CHILD NUMBER THREE for heaven's sake, and I'm a professional mom by now! *IF* I had a child who had seventeen tantrums per day, I would know how to handle it and would not be tempted to resort to banging my head against the wall, and what does Dr. Google know anyway? sigh ...


Becca said...

I am loving "hygienically challenged". I am SOOO using that.

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I agree with Becca, "hygienically challenged" is great!!

If you find any tips on tantrums I'd love to hear them, we have a spicey little guy at home and I think it is going to get worse before it gets better!!

MamaJ said...

Ha, I love it! You shipped presents to your parent's house? Funny!

Melanie said...

lol ... yep I did. ;) More because the girls would have FREAKED OUT to see a box from American Girl than for quiet dinner alone with my parents plans, but hey, whatever works, right?