Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Thoughts While the Oven Preheats

Pin It First of all, I have to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Micah and Tammy, both of whom went WAY above and beyond the call of duty in keeping my kids yesterday. (And who probably both went to bed with prayers of thanks that each of their kids were not twins, after having doubles all day long!) Thank you so much girls! All three of my kids had a fabulous time yesterday. One so much that *he* didn't want to come home! I hope I can return the favor for each of you! :)


This is it. The busiest week of the year. There is always a week in May and a week in December that are just too busy to deal with. Between going to Houston yesterday (and winding up being there all day ... I mean seriously, just how much time CAN a person spend at Ikea?) and then MOPS and choir today, and Whimsical and Children's Chorus tomorrow, and choir on Friday, and the Chorus concert on Saturday, and the AWANA hayride on Sunday, and the co-op Christmas party on Monday ... Oh my, I need a nap just reading the list. Somewhere in there I need to get my Christmas cards finished and printed and sent out too. And the annual pull out the gifts and make sure they're at least CLOSE to even, and the poor middle child doesn't have half the gifts that the other two do. (Oh my, how I love that middle child. I totally get what my middle child brother complained about all those years though!)


So, I mentioned going to Ikea yesterday. Like, seriously we spent HOURS at Ikea yesterday. We dropped my car off thinking it was going to be done at 2:30 and they called us and said, nope, think more like 5:00. Okkkkaaay. We took both vehicles so that we could go seriously shop at Ikea. We bought a table! And chairs! WOOHOO. Our current table was bought shortly after we got married and discovered that the table I had been using was too big for the small space we had. We bought the absolute cheapest little table and chairs we could find, and they have all served us well for twelve years. It was time to replace them, and I'm delighted with what we found. Jim and I had a good time hanging out without kids for the day too. That's so rare! (Not that we had a good time, just being without kids!)


Okay, my oven is preheated, off to make cookies before the little helpers awake!


Micah said...

LOL actually having twins was pretty nice yesterday! I'm thinkin' I could borrow your's once a week and you could take mine once a week. They get along REALLY well or maybe that was yet another blessing from the Lord yesterday. With the exception of "Dean pushed me!" I only saw one other incident of someone wanting to squeeze someone else's arm REALLY hard. I'm not inclined to confess who's little angel it was. ;o)
I'm really really glad ya'll enjoyed just being together yesterday. It makes my heart beam with delight that ya'll had a blesssed day too.
Can't wait to see the new table AND chairs! woo hoo!!! I get first dibs on the bench if you're done with it =)
See you in a bit!

MamaJ said...

Love that title! Yeah, I'm with Micah, I like that bench too! We are going to go find a table and chairs at IKEA soon, as well. It's a good place to kill some time when you have it! Did you eat there too?
Well, I am stuck at home with a sick toddler (again) while you guys are having fun at MOPS. :-(