Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Through Jan 6

Pin It I had some pics I had forgotten I had taken, so maybe I'm not as much a slacker as I had thought! Here are some from Jan 1 - Jan 6. Please note, I didn't say these would all be GOOD pics!

First we have the HUMONGOUS lazy dog chewing her lovey. That little puppy from a few months ago? Um, she grew. A lot.

Super boy!! Didn't have the lens in from the running pics, so the action shots of him flying out were blurry and bad. Like his cape?

Practicing her tea party skills. She's thinking of having a tea party for her birthday and decided that we must practice first. Note the sundress that belongs to her older sister.

A fresh clean boy in a box.

Working hard or hardly working? Well, she's playing with her camera, and if there are camera classes around here, they would be MINE, not hers!

There's another post below that I did today too. It actually has GOOD pics in it. LOL

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