Saturday, February 14, 2009

You are hereby notified

Pin It We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to inform you that Valentine's Day has been rescheduled. It is being postponed until Tuesday due to events beyond my control.

The GOOD things about celebrating Valentine's Day three days late:
1) No lines at restaurants, no need to even make a reservation.
2) Not a bunch of kids at the movie.
3) Free babysitting, my mother in law will be here.
4) No real schedule to follow, we really can stay out as late as we want. This would probably be more of a good thing if we had any real interest in staying out late. LOL
5) If gifts hadn't already been bought, they could be bought really really cheaply after the big day.

Soooo ... date night for Valentine's Day ... TUESDAY!

We return you to your regular blogging, already in progress.


Tammy said...

I feel sooo bad that you weren't able to celebrate today because of me. I promised I will make up for it real soon.

Melanie said...

OOHH Tammy!! DO NOT FEEL BAD!! I had Lynette's kids and they were later getting back than we thought they were going to be is all! Jim and I were going to go to dinner, had a babysitter lined up, then when we realized Lynette was going to be later, we decided to just postpone. We actually ended up having a fun family night singing along to High School Musical. :) All's well that ends well. AND, Jim's mom will be able to spend some quality time with her grandchildren while Jim and I go on a date without having to wait in line. :)