Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Me Monday!

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Monday again? Already??

It does NOT seem like Spring Break just FLEW by. Especially considering how yucky the weather was most of the week, and how from the middle of the week on, we pretty much stayed home out of the rain. I'm not sitting here right now wishing for a do-over!

We had great intentions of getting extra math done this week. We did not, therefore, decide after ONE DAY that it would be preferable to just have a spring break and not care if we have to relearn some math. We're right on the edge of REALLY getting it, so I'd never jeopardize that by saying "you know what? This is too much hassle, put it up and we'll start again next week." Math is way too important to me for me to say that. :-/

And while we're on the math topic, it wasn't me who told my oldest child that she only had to do half of her problems if she'd let me video her singing. It is also not me who can't figure out how to share that video because the file is ENORMOUS.

As I mentioned before, the festival was in town during spring break. My two younger ones got to spend one night and half of another night at the festival. I'm not upset at having spent more for the passport necklaces than I would have spent on tickets. I'm not kind of hoping for a do-over of that too. It's supposed to be much prettier this next week! I was not even once tempted to take my sweet children out in the cold rain just so I could get my money's worth! Nope, not me~!!

I have not observed that any break from school requires extra time for me to recoup. For example - Three days for Thanksgiving requires until New Year's to recover and be back in a school groove. Spring break requires until ... um ... about Easter to recover, and of course we take a break then too. I am not currently adding up all these breaks, plus a couple of hurricane evacs and realizing that we're going to have to kick it into high gear if we want to have a good summer break. I'm not both excited and stressed about that. (I am, however, very thankful to have children who are good sports, and are willing to buckle down and get to work when they know they have to.)

Just a couple more ... it wasn't me who left a WEIGHT LOSS MEETING and went in search of leftover cake. Definitely not me. I'd never do something like that. (FWIW, I didn't find any.) It was also not me who had co-op stuff to do and yet sat around playing on facebook rather than getting the work done. Nope, not me.

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Anonymous said...

These had me giggling!! Especially the one about needing time to recoup after a break! I think I'm hitting my "I don't wanna" phase for the year!