Sunday, June 14, 2009

What On Earth?!?

Pin It Okay, warning in advance - random post to follow.

I was reading a thread on CMF regarding a new product.

Baby Bangs

Are you kidding me? A baby needs a toupee?? Okay, I never really had a bald baby, so maybe I am just not capable of "getting" this. (Okay, there was that time when Madelyn PULLED all of the hair out of one side of her head - no I'm not kidding - and then that other time when she had a MAJOR self inflicted haircut, but she was 2 and 4 at those times, so they probably don't count.)

I don't know, this product makes me laugh, and it would be a cute joke for a baby, but it also makes me a little sad. Oh - and just let me tell ya - it's not the hair or lack thereof that makes people think girl babies are boy babies. I had hairy little critters all decked out in pink and flowers and bows in their hair and I still got "what a cute little guy!" a few times.

And then last night as I was dozing off while kind of watching Food Network, a commercial for this product came on:


It's a medication you can take which will make your eyelashes grow. Yes, seriously. I think it said you start to see results in eight weeks. So, not only do you have to take this medication, you have to put some serious time commitment into it to start to see some changes.

May I just ask ... WHY is this necessary in life? Are there seriously people who look in the mirror and think everything looks just fine except for those darn thin eyelashes? I have a child who has fabulous eyelashes. Whenever I'm about 6" away from her face, I can't help but notice how pretty they are. More than 6" away? Can't really see them.

I was thinking maybe this product was supposed to be marketed to people who had lost their hair due to various medications or something. Again, I haven't been there, but I'd think that eyelashes probably wouldn't be up too high on the priority list in that case. Forgive me if that sounds disrespectful, it's not my intent. I was just trying to think of who would really be interested in this product.

Both of these are just crazy, in my not so humble opinion.

Just thought I'd share my random thoughts this morning.


Becky said...

So now we have to tell our little girls that they're just not *quite* beautiful enough as God created them...FROM BIRTH????? I'm thinking your descriptor of "crazy" isn't strong enough...

melanie said...

Maybe these two things could be marketed together. Chances are, if she's bald, she probably doesn't have much in the way of eyelashes either.

Meri said...

Ok, so I keep seeing the eyelash medication all over TV too, and it makes me cringe. First, I am with you--who cares? Seriously.

Second, have you listened to the side effects?! One is that it may change your the color of your eyes...forever. Are longer lashes worth that?

Oh, I forgot, one can always purchase the right color of contacts to correct that problem. *rolls eyes*