Monday, July 20, 2009

Not MY CHILD Monday

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This is the vacation edition of "not my child Monday". We had no hijinks on vacation, because my children are little darlings!

Case in point: My daughter did not scream for what seemed like an hour while on a float IN A POOL because she was splashed. She did not complain about getting wet while IN A POOL at all. Not even a little bit. I do not have any photographic evidence of the shrieking and squealing.

My other daughter did not get so frustrated trying to stand up on a water skateboard type thing that she used her cousin's head to hold her up. She did not decide that just sitting on his head was enough stability, and she didn't hold on to his ears either. Nope, not my child.

Okay, this really IS not my child. He was there with me though, so he's fair game. My nephew did not cram a ladybug towel meant for a small child ... ahem ... like the one on his lap ... onto his head. He did not then attempt to deny me the opportunity to take a pic. He also did not get the towel stuck on his head and have it take several people to get it off of him. We didn't have to consider cutting it to get it off. I didn't laugh at him at all either.

I certainly did not let my child run around with lunch all over his face for several hours after lunch. We didn't let them play in the winter clothes either. (And I have to admit - I do not for a second look at his eyes and feel the slightest bit sad that the pretty blue color he was born with is long gone!)

I have a few more ... without pics though. My oldest loves her mama. Really really loves her mama. That's why she did NOT, when I was giving her a kiss and a hug when she left to go to camp, essentially tell me to back off, saying "mom, I've got this." Nope, not my sweet mama's girl.

My middle one has not taken over the role of the oldest since oldest left. She hasn't bossed her brother around at all, and she hasn't decided that as the oldest child in the house, she must make herself a part of any adult conversation that might happen. Nope, not my child.

And the little one has not learned how to elicit bribery. I did not tell him that I would buy him a root beer at Sonic today if he'd clean his room, and he did not immediately spring into action. He never dresses himself and puts his clothes on backwards either. And if he did, I would never take him out in public that way.

Ah, well, I feel refreshed telling on my kids (and nephew) and all!

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Emily said...

I can't believe how big B is!