Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Fourth in Pictures

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First, Brendan got dressed to go to his friend's house for lunch all by himself. Be sure to note the non-matching shoes, and that the Buzz shoe is on the wrong foot. In his "pack-pack" is his blue/green swimsuit and red swim top along with toys he never plays with, but might need away from home. We live in southeast Texas, so I'm thinking that sweatshirt will probably not be necessary any time in the next six months.

Brendan loves going to friends' houses and playing in their "tiny pools." Evidently every pool that is above ground is a tiny pool according to Brendan.

There was lots of fun to be had jumping on a trampoline with water!

We had a very nice lunch with our friends, thank you so much for inviting us!

Then we came home and frantically attempted to get the little one to take a nap. Not happening. So, we loaded up and went to another friends' house for a party, and another "tiny pool."

Sweet girlies splashing!

Brendan had fun splashing again.

Brendan (and his mama ... ahem ...) ate way too much, but it was all SOOOO good!!

Gabbi wasn't with us most of the day, but we met her in the evening. She didn't want to splash and play with the other kids, so I had to bribe her to let me take her pic while watching fireworks.

And how we ended the day ... although it's still going on, we're done. Let's just hope the neighbors finish soon, the dog is FREAKING OUT.

Happy 4th of July, friends!!


gina m said...

all the pics are great, Mel, but your fireworks shots are terrific. How did you do it?

melanie said...

It's the magic camera, and the magic lens. LOL You should see the pics I got BEFORE I gave up and just put it on automatic. They're baaaaaaaddd!!

Micah said...

Looks like a FUN day :D

Montana Meek 5 said...

My dd has that same swimsuit!! The pink and white tankini! I love it!!