Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wonderful Wordless Wednesday

Pin It Except that:
a) it's ... um ... no longer Wednesday. I was too tired and too sunburned to upload these last night.


b) it's virtually impossible for me to REALLY have a wordless post. Especially now, as I'm the only adult in the house. I have way too many words that aren't getting used up.

We went to the SPAR park in Sulfur, LA yesterday and had a fabulous time! I love that park. It's big enough that the older kids have a good time, and yet small enough that the mama doesn't have an anxiety attack trying to keep track of all the little ones. Oh, and the shallow area is perfect for three year olds!!

(One question though ... we jumped into the pool and the friendly lifeguard told me Brendan's arm floaties were not allowed. WHY?? He didn't really need them in the shallow part, but it would have been kind of nice to turn him loose in the deeper part too.)

Oh yeah, the wordless part.

Evidently Madelyn was pretending to be a fish on a hook or something:

Meet my niece, Kelli. There HAS to be some hair product that would make her hair look JUST LIKE THAT when it's dry.

He jumped in approximately seven billion times. He hollered out "CANNONBALL!!" every single time.

He loved the slide, as did Madelyn. Check out her action. The little camera did pretty well! (um, yeah, no way is the big camera coming near randomly splashing water!)

Brendan was delighted with these jets that he could stand on and make stop.

I just missed him laying down right next to her. Now that would have been a cute pic!

Gabbi did not want her picture taken so I had to sneak one in. She's so sweet to her brother!


Becky said...

lol! My kids never fail to yell "Cannonball" before jumping, either. Where do they learn to do that? (and why don't they warn you when they're about to jump on you any other time?) Adorable pics!

Jessica said...

I don't think I've ever met a sister that loves her brother as much as Gabbi loves Brendan. It's so sweet.
Love all the pictures! Looks like ya'll had a great time!

Dad said...

Great pics and like the new layout. Kelli had a great time. Dad