Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Day Ever!

Pin It Okay, maybe not the best ever, but it was certainly up there!


We got up and I did a three mile walk and didn't die. You know it's starting well right there. (Yes, I have bid adios to Jillian. I just didn't like her tone. Leslie is way nicer.) I finished just in time to get Brendan to MDO. (And let me just apologize to anyone I ran into. I mean it when I said I finished just in time to get Brendan to MDO. Meaning, no time to shower. Now it's out. You know that I would rather be in public stinky and sweaty than to not take advantage of every moment of MDO.)

So, I drop him off and come home. The girls were moving right along on their schoolwork. We've hit a breakthrough with Madelyn's math (or maybe just an easy lesson) so she breezed through it in ten minutes. We realized that somehow or other, Gabbi got a lesson ahead in science, so our school day seemed pretty short. Then Gabbi had a mother's helper job and I realized something was about to happen that never happens. ALONE TIME WITH MADELYN! The delight she expressed when I asked her if she would like to have a lunch date with me made my day. Really made my day. So, Madelyn and I went to Jason's Deli for lunch. Want to know why we decided upon Jason's Deli? Madelyn wanted to eat off the salad bar. Seriously.

I remembered that I needed to take my water bill by BEFORE it had sat in my car long enough that I had to pay a late fee for it, which is what happens most months. I got some errands run, and got the other two children picked up.

We got home, and my friend Jessica S called to say they'd pick up the girls for dance. I had actually forgotten that we had talked about that, and not only were they going to pick them up, they were going to bring them home too! What a blessing! Everyone was content to eat leftovers - actually they ate them all - and everyone was happy. Then the girls left and I had a few minutes with just Brendan.

He and I played for a bit, then I took him over to a friend's house so that I could go do something that I really enjoy doing. We got that done quickly and I left there and remembered that we were almost out of milk, so I ran to the store -- alone -- to get some milk. I picked Brendan up and we came home, and still had about an hour before the girls came home, so he and I played some preschool games and just had a good time together.

Then the girls came home and I said for everyone to get ready for bed. And everyone did. Brendan went to sleep quickly. The girls didn't, but at least they were quiet. haha

Today is starting out to be pretty good too. Thank you Lord, for good days!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I could play a small part in your great day! Love you girl!!

little castle said...

How wonderful! So thrilled for you that it was such a wonderful day!