Friday, September 4, 2009

Wow. Eleven? Seriously?!?

Pin It I just can't believe that Gabbi is now 11. It doesn't even seem possible. Happy birthday sweet girl! It seems like yesterday that she was born. I know I said that
last week on Brendan's birthday. It's true though!

So to the sweet girl that first taught me how to be a mom, who is me made over but looks just like her father, who sings like an angel, who I left the hospital with thinking that I was SO unequipped and really hoped a nurse would come with me, who has been an incredible help to me over the last few months, who loves babies and pleads for coffee ... I love you girl. I'm so incredibly proud of you and the godly young lady you are growing up to be. Happy birthday, sweetheart!


Kristen said...

awww she is adorable! Happy birthday to her!

Kristin said...

She is BEAUTIFUL, Mel! I showed Joel her pic and asked how old he thought she was. First he said, "She's pretty." Then, he said, "15?" I said, she just turned 11. And he was shocked. He says she could probably pass as 18.

You should be one proud mama... she's gorgeous and has a good head on her shoulders. :)

little castle said...

She is one of the loveliest young women I've ever met. (I agree-she is you made over-that's where the loveliness comes from) Hope she has a very Happy birthday!