Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update from the Infirmary

Pin It We have improvement!!

Child #1 is officially well. She had the lightest case. I wonder if that is because she was SO sick with the flu this past spring?

Child #2 seems to be the most affected. Imagine that. She was still in a pretty bad way yesterday and I think she coughed all night long last night.

Child #3 is improving. He slept (with me) very very fitfully last night and is coughing a fair amount.

#2 and #3 are faithfully taking their tamiflu. Well, #3 is taking his hidden in juice. Whatever works, right? Since tiny little dose #1 was sprayed all over him, me, the door, the floor, the table, and the cat, we resorted to plan b.

The kids are currently residing in Grammy-land. (Because wherever Grammy is, it's Grammy-land, right?) We picked her up yesterday and infected everyone in the airport with the flu. The kids are so excited about Grammy visiting! #3 showed her ALL of his toys last night. #2 really just sat around, hopefully she'll be back to her normal self and able to show off all of her tricks today. #1 is excited because Grammy means coffee, so she's walking around with a coffee cup. (Mean ole' mama usually just says no to the very idea of an 11 year old hyped up on coffee! LOL)

Our plans are to lay low again today and let #2 get well. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to report that everyone is feeling well.

Continued prayers for Grammy and me to stay well would be appreciated!

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