Monday, December 21, 2009

I Heart Faces - my holiday traditions in photos

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One of our Christmas traditions is the annual Christmas card. The truly fun part of this is coming up with the perfect Christmas card picture. This usually ends up with at least one adult and and least two children in tears. Frequently there is bribery involved as well, and mama always needs chocolate when it's all over. Ah, what fond memories my children are going to have of this event as they grow up! I'm sure their therapists will hear all about it.

2001 is the earliest we have. (Sorry Gabbi. We didn't enter the digital age until 2001. We probably did do a Christmas card when we had just one; at least I hope we did. It would have been easier with just one! My scanner has issues so I didn't even bother looking through the boxes of pics.) Gabbi was 3, Madelyn 8 mo in this pic. This is one of exactly three minutes in Madelyn's first year of life in which she wasn't crying.

2002 (This is one of my favorite pics ever.)



2005 ... enter Brendan into the scene.

2006 I remember that it was absolutely freezing out when we took these pics.

2007 ... another favorite picture. I cannot begin to tell you how long or how much frustration was involved in taking this pic! Nor am I willing to tell you how much photoshop was involved.

2008 ... we were anticipating some family changes in 2009 and decided maybe it would be good if mom and dad got in the pic.

2009. I did not have it in me to try to attempt pics of the kids by myself, so we used a family portrait made in May as our Christmas card pic.


Micah said...

:D I loved seeing all of those! The last is my favorite of course. :D I can't believe how much the kids have changed.
Merry Christmas Sweet friend.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh how fun to see your cards thru the years. Very, very sweet! I love them! Your babies are so beautiful! What fun! I think Christmas card pictures are the coolest! I love when we get them in the mail! They just make my day! Have a merry Christmas with your beautiful family!

Dad said...

I read a note over on ancestry from a lady who saved a copy of her Christmas card, a copy of the note she mailed with the card and a stamp from each year with her ancestry records. She had one for each year since 72. A neat idea for her family keepsakes and future genealogists. Merry Christmas!

Becky said...

I don't know whether you're just a really skilled photographer or you have a super photogenic family. You have gorgeous photos!! Thanks for sharing them!