Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Poor Neglected Blog!

Pin It We have been so crazy busy since Jim got home! Seriously -

He got here Thursday afternoon.

Friday we (finally) had our Christmas.

Saturday we went to visit my parents and had a "shower" for my three nephews.

Sunday we had church festivities, including a luncheon, and then Jim and I went to dinner after the kids went to AWANAS.

Monday we had co-op and then spent the afternoon lazing around after the busy few days. Madelyn had basketball Monday evening, then we went to a sweet friend's for dinner.

Tuesday Brendan had MDO, the girls had dance, and Madelyn and I went to get her flower girl dress. We met friends for lunch then watched movies while the girls were at dance.

Wednesday (today) we have been truly lazy. Like I took a shower and just left my hair as it fell lazy. Jim, Gabbi, and Brendan will be going to church tonight, while I sit home and watch American Idol and take care of sick Madelyn. (Yes, she's sick again. Poor thing. I suspect a doctor visit will be in her future.)

Tomorrow Brendan goes to MDO again, the dog goes to the vet, the girls (probably just GIRL) has choir. Grocery shopping must happen too.

Friday, if everyone is well, we're going to meet some friends in Houston for ice skating and La Madeleine.

Saturday is Mad's first basketball game and we have friends coming over for dinner.

Thankfully next week should be a leeeetttle bit slower. Or maybe not. We're hoping for a pretty day to go to the beach, and Jim and I are planning to have a real date. I think that's it on the list, before Jim goes back on Saturday.

Wow, no wonder I'm too tired to blog.


Micah said...

Mercy and I thought "I" was exhausted!!!

Joyce said...

Wow...enjoy this time with your husband home.

elizabeth embracing life said...

and really would you have it any other if full and busy with kids, but those AI moments are grand.