Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

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Well, after dumping my heart out last night, I think I need a little "not me-ing" today.

It is not 8:00 am. I am not the only one up. We do not have a busy day of "back to school" and I have not made the choice to just let them sleep because I am not enjoying the quiet in the house so very much. (Funny, as I typed that, Brendan just popped in here and told me to get up because the sun's up!)

I have not gotten completely lazy on the meal planning around here the last few weeks. Well, not only the meal planning, but the meal cooking as well. We didn't eat out WAY too much while Jim was here, and when we didn't eat out, I certainly didn't pass a fair amount of the cooking off to him. I didn't *gain* a lot from this leave experience and all of the eating out either. I worked way too hard to lose some weight to get completely sidetracked by fondue. Nope, not me. Let's just hope that meal ideas kind of just pop out at me, because a big trip to the grocery store does not appeal to me so much.

Speaking of grocery stores ... I didn't decide that I needed a day off yesterday and stay home from church while sending two of the three kids with a friend. I didn't take the third child and make a quick trip to the grocery store during church. Nope, not me. And if I had done this, I wouldn't have grabbed the one thing we needed (milk) and impulsively buy a bunch of other stuff that all put together would not make a meal. (That's my nice way of saying I certainly would not have bought a bunch of junk food.)

I'm not sitting here staring at a pile of laundry and various other things that need to be put away and feeling a nudge to get up and get moving, nor am I fighting that nudge with everything that is in me. That nudge has not enlisted the four year old to get me moving, and the four year old is not threatening to bring the gallon of milk into my bedroom so that I can make his ritual chocolate milk. (Oh - I'll bet most of you don't know of my milk aversion and the very thought of having a gallon of milk brought into my bedroom is nearly about giving me hives, and FORCING, yes FORCING me to get out of bed and make the chocolate milk.)

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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