Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If You Give a Mom an Hour (to herself)

Pin It If you give a mom an hour to herself,
She'll be so excited to have some quiet time, but first
She'll probably decide to do a load of laundry
(Since all you really have to do is put it in, so it doesn't take much time from the hour)
Along the way, she'll probably notice a few scattered toys
So, she'll pick them up after doing then laundry
While picking them up, she'll probably notice some more dirty clothes
She'll pick them up
While doing that, she'll probably notice shoes in the living room
She'll put them back where they belong
Along the way, she'll probably see some dishes that were left out
So, she'll take them to the sink
She'll think that she really ought to just do the dishes
Then she'll realize that 1/4 of her free hour is gone
So she'll decide to sit down and read a book
Along the way, she'll notice a child's schoolbook pushed halfway under the couch
She'll know that to leave that would mean that it would be pushed all the way under, and she'll know she won't remember seeing it, so she'll go and pick it up and put it where it belongs
Along the way, she'll see a DVD on the floor without its case
DVD's are expensive, so she'll pick it up to find its case
Right after finding its case, she'll see a sharpie left where a four year old will certainly see it
Remembering how much fun it is to get sharpie off of walls, she'll grab the sharpie and put it away
Along the way she'll step on a tube of lipgloss
She'll grab it and put it away and realize that now half her time is gone
She'll go to sit down again and realize that the cushions for the couch are all on the floor
So, she'll pick those up
She'll realize that there are 47 stuffed animals piled up under the cushions
So, she'll pick those up
Then she'll notice that the floor really needs to be vacuumed
So, she'll do that
Then she'll see that the floor in the kitchen has little bits of lunch around every chair, so she'll sweep that up
Oh no, now there's only fifteen minutes left, really not long enough to get comfortable and read her book
Plus the washer is done
So, she'll move the clothes to the dryer, start another load, and figure she might just have enough time to do the dishes
Then she'll look around at the clean house
She'll breathe a happy sigh
She'll go and get her little darlings
And they'll decimate the house again in about 6.8 seconds
But she'll remember that she loves them and missed them for the hour they were gone
So she'll kiss them
And start another load of laundry

The End.


Becca said...

I LOVE that Mel! Can I share it if I give you full credit?

Micah said...

insert yahoo's rolling on the floor laughing face

Becky said...

Have you been spying on my house again?? Dan told me two hours ago to get out of here, he'd take the kids for awhile...

melanie said...

Becca, sure :)

LOL girls ... this is exactly what my Sunday night looked like. ;) Oh well, there will be a season where I can read a book in a quiet, clean house, and I'll miss these days. :)

April said...