Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Photoshop

Pin It Okay, well, technically I finished the editing class. Finished, but will CLEARLY still need to go back through my notes and the videos time and again because a lot of it hasn't sunk in quite yet.

One of the challenges in the class was to pick a few of our favorite pictures and see if we could improve them through editing. I chose one of my favorite pictures of each of my kids.

First, Gabbi. This was taken just before her 11th birthday. I really liked the first edit better, but Gabbi liked the more dramatic second edit. To me, that one looks a little overdone. What do you think?

Then, Madelyn. This was at her 9th birthday party. This is probably my favorite picture that I have taken, ever, and I was very happy with the unedited version. I do like the edit though. (On this one, and Brendan's - I saved the edit for web before combining the pics, so there's a quality difference in the before and after. I didn't think about that until I was uploading them.)

And Brendan's. Note the cape. This picture SCREAMS out Brendan more than any other I've taken, I think. Again, I saved the edit for web before combining them, so the original is at high quality and the edit is web quality. Ideally (and next time ... live and learn, right) I'd put it together and THEN save for web.

So ... what do you think?


Micah said...

That is amazing! Very cool.

little castle said...

I like them all. I like the more dramatic version of the Gabbi edits.

Dad said...

I think you've got it. Definitely an improvement in all three.

Annette said...

Gabbi s right and the edited version is better on all three. I am definitely giving you the pictures for the open house! Just kidding I don't think it matters too much when you blow them up that big.

Sarah said...

i think they're all fabulous!! and i'm gonna have to agree with gabbi on her edits, i like the second better. :)

Lizzie Ann said...

Wow! Great job Melanie! The picture of Madelyn at her birthday tea party...SO adorable!
I've nominated you for a beautiful Blogger award!