Monday, April 5, 2010

The Project Post

Pin It I've been busy lately! I just wanted to share some projects I've done around the house.

First ... about six or so months ago, I won a gift certificate from Back40Life. I'm embarrassed to admit that I forgot about it. Well, I looked right when I won but couldn't decide what I wanted it, then managed to forget. When I remembered, I saw these and had to have them.

This one is on my kitchen wall. It was a booger to get up there because the vinyl seems to hate the texture on my wall, but once it got there, it looks fabulous! I really really love it!

Then for curtains. I copied this totally from Micah, who I believe got the idea from The Nester. We desperately needed a change in the living room. A certain eight pound cat took great delight in swinging from the curtains when she was a little bit younger, and they just needed to be replaced. I found this fabric and thought it would be perfect. It was. Unfortunately ... or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, while I was there, I saw THE perfect fabric for my bedroom. I just recently bought curtains for my bedroom though. Well, after putting up the fabric in the living room, I realized that it really needed some sheers to filter out the direct sunlight we have in the afternoon. HM ... perhaps the curtains from my bedroom would be simply PERFECT for that. And they were.

But then there were no curtains in my bedroom. What to do, what to do ... hm ... So, another trip to JoAnn's was in order. And here's an awful pic of the final result in there. I really really like the curtains in the living room, but I LOVE this in my bedroom!

And now I think I'm done with projects for a little while. I'm not even going to look at the old boring curtains in the family room. Maybe I shouldn't even go into the family room for a while. I could totally work this ... the LAUNDRY room is off the family room ... yep, definitely I need to be banned from the family room for a long long time.


Micah said...

Beautiful! I absolutely love it. ALL!!!

little castle said...

I love it all too! Wow. So beautiful!

Becky said...

Aren't you the one that always ducked me during VBS and claimed no creativity?? That is not only creative, but gorgeous! Great job with your new distraction. :)