Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip, part 4

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We started the day at Epcot.

The girls, especially Gabbi, really enjoyed the butterfly garden.

The only other thing we've done every trip is go to Teppan Edo. This time we went for lunch. The kids love the hibachi grill, and the Disney chefs just do a fabulous job. Ours was very entertaining; we loved him. (And oh my heavens ... I could have eaten the scallops he made for every meal for the rest of my life! And the ginger sauce? That could very easily replace sweet tea as my drink of choice! Okay, maybe not, but it was fabulous and I had to bring some home with me.)

From there, we went back to Hollywood Studios, and met our friends again. We arrived just in time for the Block Party Bash. It was fabulous! I already mentioned that I'm a big fan of parades. I think this one was my favorite, which is saying a lot because I love Spectromagic! Here are all of us except me getting ready for the Block Party Bash to begin. Jim is back there talking with Dan and Becky. The kids cracked me up - in deep conversation.

Then we were walking through to see the Prince Caspian show/movie/whatever it was ... I wouldn't know because I didn't get to see it. Why not? Because a certain little guy got a little distracted when we walked by a certain window. So, the little guy and I waited in line to see not one but TWO heroes while everyone else went to see Prince Caspian.

Here we have the missing picture. All 11 of us went on Tower of Terror. Yep, I put my 4 year old on Tower of Terror. I actually figured he would enjoy it more than the 8 year old would. (I was correct.) Anyway - there's a camera that takes a pic right as the ride starts to drop. This was THE most fabulous picture. Nine people are hanging on for dear life and two have their hands in the air with looks of glee on their faces. (Should be pretty easy to guess which two!) I cannot BELIEVE I did not buy that pic, or at least take a pic of it while it was on the wall.

When Hollywood Studios closed, we all headed back to Epcot. We had a great trip over there, taking a boat and kind of touring Disney's Boardwalk, which I hadn't seen before. We arrived at Epcot just in time to grab some food, and then RUN to Soarin' to get there before it closed. Seriously run. The guy said "IF YOU WALK, YOU WILL NOT GET THERE ON TIME!" We were excited to do Soarin' with no wait, since we figured everyone would be watching Illuminations. So we made it and got in a short line. Then we waited. And waited. The kids got bored and practiced their hanging from bars skills. Turns out the side we were on was having some issues, so they moved us to the other side. We rushed, had no line to speak of, and still waited about half an hour to ride. Ha. It was fabulous though - everybody REALLY loves this ride. (Although I have to admit, this one kicks my fear of heights into high gear. It's better to be in the back row and not so high in the air, although on the back row, you have to see the feet of the people in the top two rows which kind of grosses me out a little. I'm aware that I have issues.)

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Becky said...

I love the butterfly garden, too. Although I refuse to go again with Dan. He's the favorite. A monarch lighted on his hand and just hung out there for the longest time last time we were in there. None of the butterflies would come that close to anyone else. Dan had some explanation about kings just connecting with each other. Whatever... ;P
(and right there with you on the ToT pic!)