Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Plague, It is Upon Us

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It's awful. The plague, that is. We know, we have it here.

My child came in telling me she wasn't feeling well. I've been a parent for nearly 12 years, so I have a little bit of experience in children who are not feeling well. I was relatively certain that said child, while suffering from a mild cold, really didn't feel too awful.

But then, this child is not easily dismissed. Since her mother was not giving her the appropriate amount of sympathy, she took matters into her own hands. She knows that fever prompts action around here, so she took her temperature.

And apparently she has QUITE a fever. She skipped into the room where I was and brought me a soaking wet thermometer and said, "I'm sick. SEE?!?"

Wow. A fever of 109. That's quite a sickness you've got going on there, sweetheart.

I immediately sprang into action.
a) What is my child trying to get out of?
b) How can I have a little fun with this?

(I'm an awful mom. I freely admit it.)

"Oh honey. I'm sorry I didn't take you seriously when you said you weren't feeling well! You really ARE sick. Unfortunately the only thing that works with a fever that high is a shot, and it might take two or three before you're feeling better. Let's get in the car and go to the doctor right now; they certainly wouldn't want us to wait with a fever that high!"

Evidently this plague is a short-lived one. You could literally SEE the fever drop. Nothing short of miraculous was this recovery.

I love kids.

Question of the day: Why on earth does a thermometer need to go up to 109 degrees anyway?


Becca said...

That is priceless! I hope no one else comes down with it!!!

Helen said...

Nice try! What a funny story.

I read the first part of your post to my husband... he would have had her at the ER!! (Not to teach her a moral lesson... but because he would have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker...)

Teresa said...

You're the mom! Love this, and love your blog!

Mel's Dad said...

If you had tried to pull that on me when you were a kid, we would have gone to the DR and I WOULD have insisted on your getting a shot!.. DAD

gina m said...

See? We are cut from the same Mom-mold. Except that I would have added that a fever that high causes catastrophic reactions in eyes and ears, so tv, music and video games were absolutely out of the question. And with a fever that high, any real movement could cause severe bone injury, so all a kid that sick can do is lay in bed (in a dark, quiet room) and stare at the ceiling...AFTER the plethora of shots, of course.

But then, I'm evil. My children will tell you so. ;-p

Theresa Walker said...

You CRACK ME UP!!! I love that you are getting me prepared for what lies ahead with my two little ones, and how to deal with some of their shenanigans too! :)

Mel C said...

Wow!! I had no idea the thermometer went to 109!! LOL.