Monday, June 7, 2010

Making Fun of My Kids

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Making fun of my kids is a great hobby of mine. Because really? After the pregnancy, the c-sections, and HELLO! the breastfeeding and HELLO AGAIN! the laundry, I should at least get some entertainment out of the deal, right?

We had to run to Target earlier today. I needed hair color because within a week, if something is not done here, people WILL start referring to Brendan as my grandson, which makes me just a touch homicidal. Trust me, you wouldn't like me homicidal.

The parenting style with which I most identify is BRIBERY. If you don't embarrass me at Target, I'll get you an icee, which I promise has *nothing at all* to do with the fact that you really just can't buy an icee without also getting popcorn and Target popcorn is about thisclose to heaven. And it counts as a vegetable.

In following with my strategy of "get what I need and get out so that this bottle of haircolor doesn't end up costing me $112" we're zooming through the aisles. Brendan wanted some sour patch kids so I decided to let him get some and carry them through the store so he would not be pulling everything else off the shelves. We'd bypass his icee, but the girls would still get one and somehow or other popcorn would find its way into my cart and all would be right with the world.

So that's what we did. Only minimal distraction (for me) today; the hair color only cost $36, and included some allergy medicine for Brendan. A success by my standards.

Sour patch kids are my new favorite treat. Not for me, I can't stand the little boogers. Brendan, however, calls them "sour katch pids" which sounds so funny. I crack up every time he says it. And, I make him ask for each one individually, by name. This has kept me entertained all afternoon long.

Wow, that sounds pathetic, doesn't it? I should probably get out more. Target, anyone? They have fabulous popcorn.


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gina m said...

...lmbo, and realizing that you and I were apparently separated at birth. ;-)

Drama Queen said...

Your Target trips sound like mine - I go in for a $5 item and come out with $150 worth of stuff. Ouch!

Too funny! And I totally agree that our children should provide entertainment for us. They owe us.