Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Me Monday

Pin It I've written up a new book giveaway and will post it later today. There are a few things I couldn't possibly have done this week, so I thought I'd share them with you first.

First of all, after almost 41 years of life, I am not still totally in denial about my awesome ability to sunburn. I did not go swimming with *only* spf 50 sunscreen applied twice. You know, as if sunscreen would suddenly start working for me or something. After 3 1/2 hours in the sun, I'm not completely red and sitting here in pain.

Here's an fyi though. Apparently ... ahem ... *older* skin does not peel as readily as younger skin. It just wrinkles. Awesome.

My child did not remark to me that I get in a very bad mood when I have a sunburn. I did not wish to thump her in the head. Her remark did not follow a conversation in which I stated "these are your options for lunch. Period." and she certainly did not reply "or this. How about this? Don't we have this?" and I did not get angry and state "THESE ARE YOUR OPTIONS FOR LUNCH. PERIOD." Because I would never argue with my children over meals. hm ... maybe the fact that my face is so burned that it hurts to smile HAS put me in a little bit of a grumpy mood. Nope, couldn't be that.

And I did not at all make a list of the contents of my freezer with the intention of planning a menu from it, and then sit down to make a menu and decide that I didn't want any of the stuff in there and couldn't think of a thing to make from it. Nope, not me, because it is full-on hurricane season, and after trashing the contents of my freezer several times now, I'd never enter August with a full freezer with no plans to use it all up.

(So if you see me, feel free to ask me the condition of my freezer.)

And that's it for this week! Stay tuned, I'll post the new book giveaway in a bit.

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Judith C Evans said...

Lovely blog! Just stopping by to let you know I've nominated you for a blog award. Hope you'll visit my blog to accept the award :)