Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Heart Faces - Beach Fun

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When Jim was home on leave in January, we decided to make a trip to Galveston for the day. Note, I said *JANUARY*. We had a cold winter, relatively speaking, so I figured a trip to the beach would not include actually getting into the water. Silly me.

My sweet four year old not only learned that beach water in January is cold, he also learned that beach water is salty. He had a great time though, and I was quite thankful that we brought some warmer clothes to change into, just in case someone happened to get a little wet, or completely soaked from head to toe, at the beach!


Micah said...

LOL and only in Texas can you wear shorts in January!
Very cute picture!

Anika said...

Fun! Looks like he's having a great time!!