Monday, September 6, 2010

Party #2 - Let's Get MESSY!!

Pin It With Micah and I having inseparable boys born five days apart, it seems only right to combine for birthday parties, so that's what we did. It was tough deciding between taking out a second mortgage for a Chuck E Cheese party or a less expensive and probably more fun backyard messy party, so we compromised a little this year. We had a combined messy party on Brendan's birthday and then our families went to Chuck E Cheese together on Landon's birthday. Best of both worlds!

He found that cupcake holder and Buzz candle a month or so ago. I can't believe it survived until his actual party!

He saw the big box for his present wrapped it Toy Story paper and was trying to convince me to tell him what it was. I told him it was "Lotso." When he opened it, he told me I had just been playing with him and he was so glad because he doesn't like Lotso!


And then let's take the most fun ever and cover it with shaving cream!

Shaving cream is apparently a big hit with the 8-10 crowd as well.

Please could you give me your fakest smile for this picture?
- Done.

My pictures from Chuck E Cheese were not fabulous. I thought I'd share a couple anyway.
Could we revisit the fake smile times two, please?
- Done.

I do love this pic. The silliness on Bren's face, the concentration on Landon's.

Happy birthday guys!! Seems unbelievable that you could be five already. Let's hope the next five years don't go quite as quickly!


Micah said...

Fake smiles times two.. rofl!!!

Becky said...

You and Micah are the best mommies ever!!! Shaving cream all over the place AND Chuck E Cheese? *sigh* My kids will be wanting to move in with you guys when they hear about this... :P Looks like so much fun! :)