Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Homeschool Village - Birthdays

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The question of the day at The Homeschool Village is "How do you celebrate birthdays during homeschool?"

I answered on the panel, but I'll share my answer here too. :)

If there's a birthday, cake and ice cream are a MUST. Hey, I'd be willing to celebrate a perfect stranger's birthday if there can be cake and ice cream! I'm pretty schedule driven, so we don't usually take off a whole day for a birthday, however, there is usually a lunch at the place of the child's choice on their birthday. We usually invite friends over too.

We don't do a HUGE birthday thing, but we do celebrate and have fun.

In related news, my sweet son told me that he was taking cupcakes to his preschool class on his birthday. Well, that would be great ... except ... August birthday. Preschool. Not gonna work. I think we'll take half cupcakes in February for his half birthday. Sound good? Have any other (better) suggestions?


Erika said...

Melanie, that's exactly how I am - I'm too schedule-oriented to take off the full day (usually) so we also do a lighter day for the birthday child. Isn't the flexibility just great?
I love your idea of taking cupcakes in for your son's half birthday - sounds perfect!

Have a wonderful day!

Jennifer said...

Taking cupcakes on his half-birthday sounds good. I always felt left out at school---July birthday.

Visiting from The Homeschool Village link-up!


musicalmary said...

Hi Melanie -- I just found you via the HSV link up. I am your newest follower - your blog is so cute!!