Monday, November 29, 2010

A Little "Not Me"?

Pin It Oh I need to tell y'all a few things that didn't happen over the last week!

First of all, it was not me that ate very lightly on Thanksgiving.  Because it appears that in the USA, we are thankful for gluttony as much as anything else right?  So, yeah, I ate lightly on Thanksgiving.  I really did.  I did not therefore, decide that each broken cookie must be consumed, by me, as quickly as possible.  And apparently?  Raspberry thumbprint cookies, the very best cookies on earth, do not travel well, so there were lots of broken ones.  And if I had eaten about 47 broken cookies, I would not call it a sacrifice and a pride issue rather than gluttony, because it is not me who would have an issue serving broken cookies.  To my parents.  So yeah, great that I took a tiny piece of turkey and then consumed 7897312 calories worth of broken cookies.  It was also not me who considered every cookie with a crumb broken off to be completely broken and unfit for consumption by anyone but me.  Just so you know, and I'm very glad that wasn't me.

May I pick on my husband for a moment?  In the rush to get up and get out the door Thanksgiving morning, several of us did not forget to eat.  He did not, therefore, stop along the way and buy a bag of cookies.  There weren't about eight dozen cookies already in the car, by the way.  Eight dozen homemade cookies, which everyone knows are MUCH better than chips ahoy.  :-P

I did not take four children (my three plus my niece) to Kohl's the day before Thanksgiving and then lecture them in the parking lot about asking for things.  And if I had, I certainly would not have dragged them through the store while I impulse shopped ... for myself.  Nope, not me.

And while we were out, we certainly did not go to the BIG grocery store the day before Thanksgiving to pick up a few things.  That would be just plain nuts because everyone knows that as crazy as Black Friday shopping is, the day before Thanksgiving grocery shopping is the exact same thing without the great deals.  No way would I voluntarily take four kids into that.  Glad that wasn't me.

It absolutely was not me that turned my daughter's Thanksgiving "let's go around the room and say what we're thankful for" into a math problem.  That would entirely suck the fun out of her activity and there is no way I would request that she compile the answers into a graph and figure up percentages.  Nope, not me.

And last one ... I am so glad that it wasn't me who sent texts to my daughter and niece to tell them to be quiet and go to sleep.  Because that would be just plain lazy, and I am never lazy.  (choke, gasp)  Glad that wasn't me!

What haven't you done this week?


MamaJ said...

Hehehe, you turned it into a math problem and made her graph it. Wow. We were also NOT crazy enough to think we could squeeze our family into the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving because we'd forgotten 3 small items. Craziness!

Anonymous said...

Oh-forgot to add, I LOVE your banner!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh...I'm laughing hysterically at the turning the thankful comments into a math problem part! Can I just tell you that I love, love, LOVE your blog, Ms. Melanie??? So glad I stumbled upon it!

And glad to have confirmation about my suspicions that MckMama isn't doing NMM anymore. I was wondering if I had just suddenly become so computer illiterate that I couldn't find the linky or what?!!!