Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Pin It Christmas activities, volume 2!  Preschool program, Narnia play, and AWANA hayride.

The cutest shepherd in the world:

 These three are together a lot.  I suspect their preschool teacher has her hands full with them!

The AWANA annual hayride.  (See, it's the same three again.  They are missing one though, and he is really needed to complete the set!)
 Second from the left is mine; what a fabulous group of girlies!

I don't think there is an explanation for this.  Got to admire her sense of individuality though!  :-P (And yes, her personality is every bit as sparkly as you might suspect it would be.)

In the Narnia play our co-op did, we had flower girls who changed the scene from winter to spring.
 Great.  Let's give my two girls weapons and have them go at each other.  In church.  The middle one was a member of the white witch's army ... and I lovingly referred to her as a minion.  :-P

And I think that finishes our December activities, other than our family Christmas stuff, which I will probably pull into a Wordless Wednesday post next week.  Because I'm so good with the wordless part of that and all.

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