Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Homeschool Village - Accomplishments

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The "theme" at The Homeschool Village this month is accomplishments.

We've had a few lately, and I am DELIGHTED.
The main thing -- tomorrow we will complete week 20 and lesson 100 in all of our classes except math!  It is amazing to me to be exactly on schedule!  I planned for some breaks in February (woohoo, Grammy is coming!) and March (woohoo, Spring Break!) and expect that we'll finish up for the year in May.  Did I mention DELIGHTED?  :D  (oh, and math?  We're actually AHEAD on math!)

We are planning to continue math over the summer (on a very relaxed schedule), and will work on handwriting with the middle one and typing with the oldest one, but that will be it.  We have discovered that we do not love having to re-learn anything, especially math!  And, if we can take some things that we don't want to take the time to learn/work on during the normal school day and put them on our summer list, then more the better!  Something different, keeps them from laying around in front of the TV/video game/computer/whatever all day ... it's all good!

Another accomplishment ... well ... kind of ... is simply that this has been a good week.  If you read my blog, you know that last week wasn't fabulous.  This week has been much better, and I am so glad!  Having a talk with the kids last week and trying to set the rules and calmly enforce them has been good.  I did have an epic fail one day when it seemed more expedient to just give in rather than hold to the rules, but other than that, it's been nice for everyone to know what is expected from them, and the consequences of not meeting those expectations.  I think it's made for a calm and even giggly good week.  :)

And one more ... did you see my chili post?  ;)  MAJOR accomplishment there! 


Linda said...

Oh how I love being "up-to-date". Though I have to admit, that's not an accomplishment I often experience! :(

Glad you had a better week this week!!

Glad you linked up...I'm linked here.

I Live in an Antbed said...

Congratulations!!! That is a wonderful accomplishment. And I'm glad your week has been better.

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you're on track with your homeschooling schedule and that this week was better!


Layton Family Joy said...

hahaha - Chili is definitely an accomplishment! And anytime there is a good week - it goes in the books for me!

Thanks so much for linking up Melanie!

melanie said...

Thanks so much, girls! It's actually quite rare for us to be where I planned for us to be. I think that's getting a little easier as the kids get a little older. :)

Lesley said...

We do math through the summer in a very relaxed way, also. That way they don't totally loose what they learned and have to remind their brains a few months later!

I am in love with your colorful blog. It's super cheerful!