Sunday, January 30, 2011

L.E.N.S. Challenge - Eyes

Pin It The eyes of Bella are upoooooooon you ...
(so my sincere recommendation is that you watch out!)

This cat belongs to the oldest, and I believe the oldest is the only person she likes. Except she sleeps with the middle one. Any waking hours, she's trying to attack the middle one, but at night she curls up on her bed. Weird.

Bella is a weird cat. She will plead for attention and loves for someone to pet for for an indeterminate amount of time. Sometimes minutes, sometimes seconds. When she's done, she attacks. I always try to warn people when they come over. Yeah, she looks all sweet and all but stay on your guard because she will be purring and rubbing on you one second and swiping at you the next, and there will be no warning. (hm ... kind of like a peri-menopausal woman ... not that I know any of those or anything.)

She was laying in the sun the other day and appeared quite mellow so I took a couple of pictures. Then she decided that she wanted to scratch my arms and eat my camera. I'm 41 and not quite so agile, plus to take pics of a cat laying on the floor, I was laying on the floor. It's lucky I made it out of that situation with all of my parts intact.

But hey, doesn't she look sweet in this pic?

This week the LENS challenge is eyes! Come on over to Home Is Where You Start From to see the other entries!


Becky said...

Did you just call me Bella? I think you DID! So lucky you're out of reach of my paws... ( so thankful for friends that get the whole perimenopause thing!)

Danae Farias said...

Love the picture of your cat. They are so special. I especially love it when they take "sun bathes" like this. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Believing Unbeliever

Micah said...

Ah yes... Bella. :-|
You ARE lucky ya got up from there with all parts intact!
sorry to keep this so brief but I've got rub some Vitamin E on my scars.

Hen Jen said...

lovely photo! So, do we get to see the action shots of cat on attack??

Jenn said...

Love the story to go with the photo. Our Isabella has a personality very similar to your Bella.

Janet Rose said...

Everytime I walk into a sunshiny spot in the house, I think of what a great life a cat has. Beautiful Bella!

Jennifer said...

Great photo! My hubby used to have a cat like that before we had kids - she'd just take a swipe here and there when she felt like it. Kept us on our toes!

Tiffiney said...

What a beauty....great pic and great post...I had a cat like that a while back in time...thanks for the laugh..I needed it! :)