Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365 for 2011

Pin It I've been doing "Project 365" for a couple of years now.  I started in 2009 and continued in 2010.  By now it's a habit, so I'm planning to continue for 2011.  If you don't know, Project 365 is life in pictures - a picture a day, every day.  In 2009, I called my Project 300-something because I knew I'd miss some days and I like to set my standards high like that.  ;)  I generally put my pictures on facebook, but last year I started putting them on this website as well.  I stopped mid-year, and I don't even know why.  I did continue taking pics and putting them on facebook but stopped putting them there.  It's a great website and very convenient to load and share pics, so I'm going to use it again this year.

If you happen to be on that site, I would love for you to follow me, or to just jump on if you want to see my pic of the day.  Be warned - lots of pics of kids, some pics of cats, and some of food and other random things.  Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with something to photograph!

I made a button that I'm going to stick on my sidebar that will be clickable to my 365 page.

Melanie's Project 365

I'm hoping that putting this here will help to hold me accountable.  If you're on that site, please let me a message and let me know!  I'd love to follow you too!

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