Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1000 Gifts Giveaway Winner!

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Woohoo Jennifer!!  You are going to LOVE this book! 

I suspect this will be one I want for my Nook, so I may soon have another copy to give away!  :)

(And giggling ... my little one loves cherry limeade - or chewwy wimeade as he says, which I find so stinkin' adorable.)


Jennifer said...

Thanks, Melanie! You just put a big ol' smile on my face! I can't wait to read this book ... I have heard excellent things about it! :)

Emily said...

(Sorry to hijack this post!)

Melanie, I just wanted to contact you about being Fa Sew La Stitches giveaway winner on Gussy's blog! Contact me (Emily) at my Etsy shop and we'll get the goodies of your choice headed your way!
Yay!!! :)