Friday, February 4, 2011

Is it just me?

Pin It Is it just me or does this happen at your homeschool also?

You finish school and find 35 pencils scattered around the house. 

If you put shoes on, your children assume that you are going somewhere.

If you sweep early in the morning, the children ask who is coming over.

You find reading books in the most interesting places.  Hanging on the towel rack, anyone?

If your children are working together on a project, one takes on the "project manager" role and the other just does whatever that one does.  Even if it's wrong. 

In the case above, if you point out that it's wrong, the copier will claim total innocence because she was just doing what her sister told her to do.

School is over for the day, there are the aforementioned 35 pencils scattered around the house, someone calls, and you have to pull up a word document to write down what they say because you can't find a pencil.

You will allow a child to go read in her room and hear much laughter coming from that room.  Said child will try to convince you that it's her Alexander the Great book that is so funny.  You will know better than that and should take the cell phone away. 

You find that some things that bored you TO TEARS in school yourself are actually quite interesting, and you suspect that you may be learning more than the children are.

You tell yourself that that's okay because maybe they'll teach their children some day, and they'll learn it all then.

You look at what one child is doing in math and hope and pray that they don't need help with it.

Home Ec is your very favorite subject to teach.  "Hey kids!  Let's practice those home ec skills today by y'all making dinner!  And cleaning up!"

Science experiments are done, or not, based on how messy they are and how many dishes they will dirty up.  Unless they involve vinegar and baking soda.  Those are always done, preferably over a sink or bathtub ... home ec AND science!  Two birds with one stone!

So ... is it just me? 


Becca said...

Not just you! The math thing is happening more and more too. I have been known to write down what the book did on the board and 9 times out of 10 he can explain it to me. :/

Drama Queen said...


Too funny - and oh, so true!

Danielle said...

I literally laughed heartily out loud at this whole post!! Especially the "if you put on your shoes in the morning your children automatically assume you're going somewhere". For me, it's if I put on jeans and do my make-up...they know we're leaving somewhere. It's both very annoying and so true all at the same time. :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tonight!