Thursday, February 17, 2011


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1. I probably do not want to know how toothpaste got on the ceiling in the kids' bathroom. And, if anyone knows where the lid to their toothpaste is, please fill me in.

2. The boy is now named Super Boy due to the half bottle of vitamins he ate the other night. Thankfully there is no iron in them, so it wasn't the medical emergency I feared when I saw the mostly empty bottle. The good news? It took care of the remnants of his leftover flu cough. And he can leap from couch to loveseat in a single bound. Oh wait, he could already do that.

3. Dental appointments are mostly scratched off of the to-do list until August. One child has some more work to do, but the appointments are scheduled and plans are made, so that counts for scratching it off the list, right?

4. This is the first time we've ever had dental insurance and it was NICE to see "total charges" of this awful amount and "your portion" as a much more reasonable number, as opposed to the usual pattern of those numbers being the same.

5. Grammy is coming tonight. I am really looking forward to seeing her, and I'm also excited about having everyone pitch in to get the house clean. Nothing quite like a houseguest to motivate some cleaning!

6. Not going to elaborate here, but I saw a number this morning that I haven't seen in over ten years.

7. I bought a group coupon purchase from that saved me I think $30 at I used that plus another coupon code and got these shoes, which I think I may never take off. Favorite shoes ever. Need them in more colors!

8. I am limiting myself to three of my Candinas Chocolates per day. This means they will all be gone on Saturday. I am very sad about that.

9. For the first time ever, I have read the story of Cleopatra. Fascinating stuff! Who would ever have imagined that I would enjoy something like that?

10. In the time it took me to write this post, I could have gotten that toothpaste off the bathroom ceiling. Or folded some clothes or swept a floor or something. I should probably close this and get to those things.

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