Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wordless ... um ... Thursday

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Okay, so yesterday was a little bit crazy around here and I didn't get anything posted. Today is going to be even crazier, but I have a free minute right now.

(giggle ... I typed that last sentence ten minutes ago. I talked on the phone, helped a child with English, and put a load of laundry in between typing it and now. Maybe I don't have as many free minutes as I though!)

So, the wordless Wednesday I was planning to post yesterday is a video of my daughter singing last Sunday. I had to plead with her to let me post this. She says she's flat in several places and sounds "pitchy."

The things I told her in order to get her to let me post this:
a) She's been watching too much American Idol.

b) She has a really good ear and hears things that the 40+ crowd cannot. ;)

c) This was recorded on a flip video thingie during a church service. Sound quality is not going to be equal to that of a recording studio!

d) My blog, I choose what gets posted. Kids are free. They get used for sermon illustrations by their father and blog fodder by their mother. Drawback of being the child of a Chaplain and a child of this decade. :-P

So all that said ...


Theresa Walker said...

Beautiful, would have earned my "golden ticket"! :)

On the other hand, I would have to say from a music-teacher's prospective that it's great to hear that she's listening to herself enough to know that there may have been a couple of pitchy spots...that means that she has a good ear and will continue to grow and get better over the years! (Trust me, I taught some girls who thought they were great singers, and couldn't hear that it wasn't good!).

My last suggestion is that she sings in front of a full-length mirror (possibly just in the privacy of her bedroom) so that she can see what she looks like...facial expressions and body language are definitely part of a singers message/performance (for good, or for bad these days, I guess!).

Beautiful voice, and I got chills listening to her sing this! :)

April said...

beautiful job, gabbi!!!

Annette said...

Does she know that daddy put it on fb on Sunday? So she really doesn't get a vote, just saying! Beautiful song sung with a beautiful voice by a beautiful young lady!

Anonymous said...

My heart is just bursting!!! What a beautiful pure voice....and what a blessing to get to grow up and sing in church!

Love, Lisa Droddy

cvcraven said...

She did AMAZING!