Monday, March 21, 2011

Gratitude Journal

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161.  Just for spring.  I love spring!

162.  Blooming azaleas.  I know they don't last very long, but they sure are pretty when they're all blooming.

163.  For five year old little boys who are very much cuddle-bugs.

164.  (Trying to make a positive here ...)  For being given AMPLE opportunity to teach a child what it means to keep her behavior above reproach.

165.  And for getting to see her heart and learn what is important to her, as we've had some pretty heavy discussions lately.

166.  For a fun date night and for the super yummy food from Pappadeaux.

167.  For seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for this school year and for the motivation that the light brings even when it's still a ways off.  This is the most difficult time of the year for me and school because I am ready to be DONE after spring break.  Usually we're doing the Christmas lessons at this time, so at least this year we're on track and I can actually see that light, no matter how far off it is!

168.  For other mamas who share my desire to raise godly kids and are willing to do hard things to reach that goal.

169.  For unexpected laughter from the mouths of babes.  The little one greeted the mailman the other day with "Hi Mr. Mailman!  My dog hates you!"  Thankfully the mailman has a sense of humor!

170.  For grace and forgiveness, both to give and to receive.

I will be linking up with A Holy Experience today.  Hop on over to read the lists of other people.


Vallere said...

What a great reminder that the little things in life are what make it all worth it! I'm inspired to make my own gratitude journal! Thanks!

gidget.e said...

Mel, you are such an inspiration to me! Um, you also make me sooooo happy I don't have teenagers yet. When I do, you're gonna have to help me.

Brooke said...

Mel, this is really inspiring. I don't have the book, but I could definitely stand to be *much* more thankful in my daily life.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the end of the school year thing. I'm done. I could wrap it up right now. But we've got Spring Break next week and then just about 4 more weeks so I think I can make it!

Samantha said...

What a great reminder to find positive things around us instead of focusing on the negative - something I am far too guilty of lately.

Craig said...

It’s Wednesday and it’s still Multitude Monday – gratitude makes me happy – happy is good.

And my favorite from your list this week is this one: 168. For other mamas who share my desire to raise godly kids and are willing to do hard things to reach that goal. – because I never truly appreciated moms until I began blogging in this community – moms are amazing – moms who share your desire – well that is 8376 shades of awesome. I am continually amazed by the moms I know wo are trying so hard. Amen! {smile}

This was good. Really, this was good for me to read. Thank you.

God bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm not a mom, but believe me, I am in awe of what kind of love and commitment it must take to do what you do. If there really are stars in our crowns when we get to Heaven, Christian Moms will shine the brightest! I know God will bless you and your family because you are doing the right thing -- the Godly thing! Thank you for your post today. It was a blessing just to be here!

Stacy said...

A great big AMEN to #170!