Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hey, I'm a Belieber Now!

Pin It Oh yes I did go there on the title of this post. I kind of can't believe it myself! :-P

This past weekend, the middle one and I went on a mother/daughter date. I did this with my oldest when she was nine, and it was the middle one's turn. It was fun to get away with just her; she's the middle one, so it doesn't happen a whole lot that I get alone time with her. We went out of town overnight and had a great time. As I said yesterday, we did a lot of shopping, ate some fabulous food, went swimming, she dragged me into the exercise room, and did some talking. This child is SO cute. Now she knows what the vending machines in women's bathrooms are for. Apparently she always wanted to know that. So cute.

The mall had a movie theater, and we had a couple of hours to kill. I had decided that if the movie happened to be starting within a few minutes of us walking by the theater, we'd go see the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. I knew she had been wanting to see it, and I knew how delighted she would be to be able to come home and tell the oldest all about it. That's the thing with middle ones - it's very rare for them to be able to do things first. Of course I didn't tell her that it was possible that we would see the movie. Well, we walked by the theater at 3:15. Movie started at 3:20. Alrighty then.

At 3:20 on a Friday, I figured we'd have the theater pretty much to ourselves, and we did. My plan was to break the rules and play "Words With Friends" on my phone for as long as a) people played me back and b) my battery held out. That didn't happen, and not only because my child kept saying "MOM!! Did you not SEE and HEAR the PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE so that you don't disturb other people sign?"

But then it was okay, because I kind of got into the movie. It was sweet; home movies of a mom devoted to her really cute and sweet little boy. He kind of had me from the beginning, when an obviously very talented 4-5 year old was playing the drums and his mom asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Expected answer: rock star. Actual answer: "I want to be a crossing guard!" Very cute!

I am still surprised that I enjoyed it. From watching him interact with his family and friends, to seeing the behind the scenes concert stuff, to watching the people who promote him show that they really care about him, to just seeing him - from having a bit of a petulant tantrum to being (what appeared to be) genuinely caring about his fans, I left there with a new appreciation for him and his music.

I suspect that part of the intent of the movie was not so much to entertain kids who are already Justin Bieber fans, but the parents who are forced ... guilted into ... chosen ... to take their children to see it. It worked. Oh, and having a very excited movie date singing along next to me certainly didn't hurt!


Drama Queen said...

Sounds like a very special afternoon with the daughter; those are the things she'll never forget! :) My daughter is not a Bieber fan, so I haven't been forced to watch the movie. :)

Natasha said...

Did you see him on extreme home make over? It was pretty cool.