Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - the Hairy Vegetable

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Giggle ... Heritage Festival, Hairy Vegetable.

Put these kids into a bumper car and some serious aggression comes out!

Love the sizzler! 

This was so funny.  He wasn't big enough to spin it, she wasn't strong enough.  Eventually they gave up and just threw their hands into the air and went along for the ride!

Music Express.  I think the middle one would have just done this over and over.

He was so excited to be tall enough to ride it.  Then he decided he didn't really enjoy it all that much.
The foot sticking out on the top left?  That would be the oldest.  You know, the one who didn't want a pass this year because she doesn't enjoy rides all that much.  Riiiiight.

And a little retro.  One of my favorite pics ever.  This is from two years ago.  :)

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Micah said...

Christmas List 2011:
Landon - Heritage Festival Pass!

We ended up doing arm band day twice. Coulda spent another $5 and ridden all week although I don't know how I could have squeezed it in.
I love that picture... <3