Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude Journal -- 181-190

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Ah ... so much for which to be thankful this week!

181.  For family vacations, even if they only last for two and a half days.  We had a fabulous time!

182.  For this relationship.  I just love how much she loves him.

183.  For something Beth Moore said that was amazingly eye opening to me.  I know you're going to read this and think "um, okay, Melanie ... whatever speaks to YOU" and probably scratch your head.  LOL  She was talking about a book signing she did for A Parable About the King.  It was for children, and the kids were encouraged to come dressed in costumes suitable for the era.  She said that all of the girls were dressed as princesses, yet the boys as a whole did not dress as princes.  They were dressed as knights.  :-O  I GET IT.  :-O  The valiant, protector thing ... I GET IT.  First time ever that has made any sense to me.  I personally would much prefer to just be the princess by birthright.  That is how God made me, and honestly?  I love it.  It's nice to have a perfect word picture to understand those of the other sex who wish to be the valiant protectors, because that's how God made them!

Like I said ... may not make sense to anyone else ... but it spoke to me, and I am very thankful.

184.  We had a letter from the insurance company waiting for us when we got back from vacation.  It very nicely said "HEY!  We're breaking up with you!"  Well, kind of.  It actually said that they weren't writing windstorm policies anymore, and since we live where we do, windstorms are actually likely to happen so we definitely need a windstorm policy.  Ours ends ... ironically ... on the first day of hurricane season.  Thanks for that, oh kind insurance company.

BUT ... yes, this is my GRATITUDE journal.

We met with our agent the next day, expecting to leave with a new policy written and financial destruction looming.  This in the shadow of a possible government shutdown, and Jim is a government employee.

What we actually found out is that we had been overpaying and were due a refund.  Not only that, but because we had been overpaying, our rates dropped.  WOOHOO for that!  Thank You, Lord.

185.  The little one has made me say "aww!" so many times.  As I previously posted, his preschool class is raising money to help furnish a school in Haiti.  He has offered to do some work around here in order to raise money.  He's earned about $3.50, which is a lot when you're 5.  He tells us all about the earthquake and how he wants to help.  What a sweetheart!  (I'm still not going to pay him $1 for making up his bed though, no matter how sweetly he asks.)

186.  I am really thankful right now for Voddie Baucham.  A couple of years ago, I read Family Driven Faith and it was so eye-opening.  Someone suggested another book of his and I picked it up and couldn't hardly put it down!  It has given me so much of a direction in some areas where I feel like I was kind of floundering. You know how sometimes you have a general idea of what your thoughts are, but don't really know what that looks like?  What I love so much about his books is that he doesn't just throw out these fabulous ideals that sound great but HOW DO YOU GET THERE, he actually tells you what it looks like in life, and how to implement it.  I'm deliberately leaving out the title of the book for a specific reason, but if you email me ( I'll tell you what it is.  :)    

187.  Progresso Tomato Basil Soup.  I love love love La Madeleine tomato basil soup, but since that really is basically a bowl of heavy cream and butter with tomato in it ... heavenly tasting but like 300 calories per spoonful, the Progresso version is a pretty good alternative.  :)

188.  For giggly girls.  There are five of them in the room right next to me right now (I'm typing this Saturday afternoon).  Not gonna lie, it sounds a lot like a room full of loud chipmunks, but they're all having fun and well, giggling.  Very cute.

189.  For French vanilla coffee with cinnamon vanilla cream.  That right there is a little bit of heaven in a cup!

190.  For my mom, whose chemo is done, and is starting to recover from the effects of it.  I know it will take a while, and she still has more steps in her journey, but this part is done!

I will be linking up with A Holy Experience today.  Hop on over and read some other gratitude journals, or start your own!


gidget.e said...

My favorite is #182. Love the picture! They are really sweet.

Cari said...

I stopped by because I LOVE the title of your blog. Boy can I relate! So excited to see what miracle lies on the other side of my eucaristeo. Loved the picture and I "got it" on #183, btw I LOVE Beth Moore. LOLend of #185!! God bless!

Vallere said...

182 is my fave as well! I pray that my kids grow up and love each other that much (right now it's hard to tell with all the wrestling, light sabre fights, and "mommy he hit me!"s...)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list. Love your photo of your two kids. So sweet!