Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just some random stuff.

Pin It 1.  The little one said something funny the other night.  "Mama!  That is LOADED!!  You shoot the WALL, not the SISTER!"  This was after I picked up his Buzz Lightyear shooter thingie, aimed at the middle one, and shot her.  OOPS.  Who even knew he had a clue where the little disks were?  Things I never thought I'd hear my kids say ...

2.  The oldest and I watched American Ninja Warrior the other night.  Oh my heavens.  We loved it and were amazed (and a bit horrified, to be honest) through the whole thing.  I cannot believe we invested two hours into that show and NOT A ONE of them made it through the third course.  I don't usually get into shows like that but I hollered out "NOOOOO!" just like the oldest did when the last guy was SO close and didn't make it.  I can't imagine the strength it takes to do that.  Can't imagine.

3.  The house is back in order, mostly.  I still need to put the little one's books back on his shelf, although I was actually planning to just randomly scatter them through the house, because no matter how much effort we take to put them neatly on the shelf, within minutes they will be scattered randomly through the house.  Why not just save some effort. 

4.  Because I evidently have expensive taste, the kids don't have bedding to match their new pretty rooms yet.  In time ...  Their rooms look FABULOUS though!  I keep seeing the red wall in the little one's room out of the corner of my eye as I'm in the living room and it is continually taking me by surprise.  I love it though.  I had a huge "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?" moment while the paint was going up, but after it was all dried, I love it.

5.  There will be a school report tomorrow.  Remember my last post said I was trying to be flexible?  Yeah, that.  For a preview of things to come, we're also changing some things up for the middle one.  Thankfully the little one seems to not need any changes at the moment.

6.  Is this the most boring post ever?

7.  We are all very excited today because the little one's lesson involves cupcakes.  We are all wishing we were still in kindergarten and thankful for a little boy who loves to share.  :)


MyBabyGiggles said...

Your blog makes me smile. Thank you for sharing these little moments. Not boring. Never boring! :)

Becky said...

hehe. All I could think with #1 was the smart-mouth response MY kid would've gotten. "It's not the SISTER, it's the DAUGHTER...and totally fair game!" lol. I love getting to have silly playtime like that with the kids.
Had to giggle at your room redo, too. We just did an Ikea-assisted redo of the kids' bunks. Your daughter got a photo of Ben's prized organizing choices. Where she chooses self-described "sophisticated blue" decor, he chooses hanging hooks shaped like the rear end of a dachsund. What's that they say about opposites? :)