Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week In Review - Weeks 2 and 3

Pin It So now we are three weeks in and have some of the kinks worked out!

I am giggling.  As I planned school for the oldest, there was one part of her curriculum that I felt iffy about.  I had decided we'd give it a try for a couple of weeks, then re-evaluate to see if we needed to skip that portion.

Would anyone care to guess what she told me her favorite part of her curriculum is?  LOL  Never fails, right?  Glad I ordered it.  Who would have guessed I would have a child who loves ... SHAKESPEARE of all things.  I think she only has a Shakespeare overview once or twice a week, but she really loves it.

In week 2, she studied The Tempest.
In week 3, she studied Midsummer Night's Dream.  (She is only halfway through this.)

This just fascinates me.  Those of you who I talked to through the years about my child who could read well but hated to read?  Never mind.  LOL  Sometime in the last couple of years, she decided that she really enjoyed reading.  Apparently even Shakespeare.  I loved reading, but I can't think of a single time I EVER said "hey!  I'd like to read some more Shakespeare!"  LOL

She has gone from Rome to Alexandria to Constantinople as she is studying history and geography.  Her curriculum has her do a bit of research on these cities every week and then write a postcard to a friend telling them about the city.  This is fabulous to me and I am really enjoying what she is learning and writing about.

She makes a timeline every week, starting where her curriculum from last year left off.  So far she has gone through Polycarp, to Constantine, to Theodosius, to Alaric the Visigoth.  I have no idea who most of those people are.  Maybe I should do some of her history with her!  She's in about 400 AD now.

She is enjoying some art as well.  This was her first time to use chalk, and we really liked the way this came out.

In science ... well, in all honesty, science is our weak area.  She's starting off in astronomy, and is learning about atmosphere, craters, and has been focused on Mercury.  I imagine most of the science learning she will do will come from co-op.  I am trying to make more of an effort with her in science.  We'll see how that goes!

The middle one has found her groove and is doing well with school.  She is writing her first paper in English, and I am finding it hysterical.  Bob Jones English has one grammar chapter and then one writing chapter.  This writing chapter was a compare and contrast essay.  I suggested cats and dogs, oranges and apples, tennis shoes and sandals, etc.  She chose to compare and contrast herself and her friend.  Um.  Okay.  She has really done well on her paper though, and I can't wait until she is finished with it so I can make a copy to give to her friend's mom.

In history, she is studying creation.  She is really enjoying Draw and Write Through History and has drawn some dinosaurs, early people, Noah's Ark, and her latest, cave drawing style wooly mammoths.

This topic is carried over into her science class, where she is studying the Ice Age.  I'm doing some of this along with her and we are finding it very interesting!  We are particularly enjoying this book:

We read it together and honestly are both finding it fascinating.  These are topics I have never thought about too deeply, so it's been fun learning it along with her.

She is also doing a timeline, and since her curriculum starts with creation, her timeline currently includes creation, Noah's Ark, and the tower of Babel.

She enjoyed painting using watercolors.  She was supposed to make a rainbow, and she did.  I like the smiling sun.

The little one is getting used to school too.  His kindergarten class is still reviewing things he already knows, which he enjoys telling me frequently.  ("Mama!  Ms. Russell already teached me this!")  He has learned a few sight words and is sounding out some new words, and he is having fun doing it.

He is enjoying his Heart of Dakota curriculum as well, and especially looks forward to reading about Reddy Fox every day.

The best part of his week, and the girls agree, is the snack time he gets every week.  The first week, he decorated cupcakes with his letter.  Let me tell you, it's tough to make a B out of sprinkles on the top of a cupcake!  The second week, he made a firetruck out of graham crackers, frosting, pretzels and gumdrops.  Week three was a traffic light out of graham crackers, frosting, and m&m's.  It's amazing how the girls' ears perk up from all over the house when the DVD says "Snack Time!"
It was firetruck day; see his fire hat?

Sister wants in on the firetruck action!

Now both sisters are making traffic lights.

(btw ... I am DELIGHTED to report that there is no longer a mattress set in the family room!  DELIGHTED.  House is back in order!)

This past week was rather hectic getting everything done with a bunch of extra activities thrown in, but somehow we managed.  I still can't say enough good things about the Heart of Dakota curricula we are using.  It has been such a blessing to us!

Co-op starts tomorrow, so next week's review will include co-op, day 1.

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