Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh my goodness. Do you know these babies?

Pin It The GOOD thing about using the desktop again? 

Pics like THESE scroll across my screen! 


Samantha said...

Oh my, they are so cute. I love looking at old pics. I've been looking at old pics to put some on FB from when my oldest was a baby (he was pre-fb lol). It's remarkable to see how much they've changed.

Jenn said...

HOW sweet!!! Awww! I love that! When I go to my grandma's house, her computer always shows old photos of the kids from random times that she's saved over the years as her screen saver... It's so sweet to relive those moments! :)

Jenny said...

So cute! What adorable babies!

My desktop is some random castle photograph.

Tori said...

Oh my goodness they are so cute!!!