Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

Pin It Wow.  Two posts not separated by months!  I know I'm shocked; are you?

I'm not super big on resolutions.  I've been on a path to eat better and be more faithful in some areas for a while, but that's not really a resolution.  I did enjoy the "word of the year" thing last year.  Mine last year was "give".  I meant that like being willing to give of myself more, without counting the cost (or ... ahem ... complaining).  Just being available to meet needs as I had opportunity, and to see those opportunities as gifts or blessings rather than obligations and annoyances.

Did I succeed?

Well.  There was some complaining, I'm not going to lie.  There was probably some foot stamping from time to time.  There were a couple of full blown hissy fits.  Yes, although those who know me may see me as even tempered and calm, this girl can THROW some FITS when it's appropriate.  And when it's not appropriate sometimes.    

There were also some realizations though.  I guess I had some idea that if I were called to a certain task, that I would love that task and it would just be a natural outflow of me.  Well, sometimes that is the case.  Sometimes not so much though.  Sometimes it's just plain work, and it's not a bad thing to give of oneself and work hard.

I think the hard part is telling the difference between deciding that something isn't for me because I'm not called to it, and deciding that something isn't for me because it requires more work than I'm willing to put in.  I suspect this will be a life-long learning thing!  As of right now, I'm content with the tasks before me.  I'm busy - or will be next week when normal life resumes - but as the mom of three kids who homeschool and making an attempt to have a life of my own as well, busyness is to be expected.  I'm still working on enjoying the tasks sometimes though, and especially on not complaining.

So, that was my word and work for 2013.

I think I have my word for 2014.  I hesitate to say it just yet, so I'm going to wait a bit longer before announcing it publicly!

(Wow, I may enjoy blogging again!  Woot!)

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