Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just feeling thankful today

Pin It Do you ever wake up and just feel thankful? There hasn't been a whole lot of that going on here lately, so I thought I'd share.

I am thankful for the big things - a God who loves me even when I sit around and whine about the blessings He has given me, a husband who puts up with my whims and moods, children who really are sweet and fun and funny and cute, for a fabulous and supportive extended family, and for the privilege of being close to these people. Also for the reminder to not take any of these people for granted.

I'm also thankful for smaller things - that our Homesat teacher, Mrs. Overly, lets me pop her into my dvd player every day to teach English to my 2nd grader. I'm afraid that without her, our English lessons would not be pretty. They're a bit of a struggle even with her, so the very thought of her not being here makes me shudder. Likewise, Mr. Demme in math. How much easier you have made our lives! Mrs. Walker ... oh my, I can't come up with enough good things to say about Mrs. Walker. If I ever had any desire to become a reading teacher, please let me be just like her. I am thankful for the ability to homeschool my kids, even on the days when I feel like grabbing them up and chasing down the nearest schoolbus.

I am thankful for friends!! I went so long without friends between the time I got married and the time I moved here. After praying and praying during that time, it is such a humongous blessing to have friends! hm, this should probably be moved up on the list before the homesat teachers. My friends do way more to keep me sane than the homesat teachers! LOL

Okay, I have way more to add here, but the little darlings I referred to above are about to kill each other ... so ... this post is to be continued later. (Way to go kids ... fighting with each other as I type how thankful I am for you! LOL)


sweet jenn said...

LOL...good post! A good one this time of year....I should probably do the same. You're right...sometimes we do sit around and whine about the blessings God has already given us. They sometimes are not what we wanted but always just what we needed.

elizabeth embracing life said...

It is so good to just ponder all the blessings around us and be thankful. A day does not pass where I am aware of God's goodness, so underved, in my life. Thanks for sharing.

The Mrs. said...

You've been tagged! :-) check out my blog for details.