Sunday, October 12, 2008

What is this strange feeling?

Pin It I've had a strange feeling the past couple of days. It's foreign to me, or maybe foreign isn't the right word. It's been a while since I've had this feeling, so I didn't even recognize it at first!

It's GOOD.

I've been feeling well lately. (Sorry, the grammar police that's inside me would not allow me to say I've been feeling GOOD lately. But I digress.)

Friday night I had energy, I think I laughed out loud several times, I enjoyed my family, I didn't just collapse into a puddle towards the end of the day. Weird for me. Saturday I had a great day and learned a ton at a fabulous parenting conference. Even my computer monitor going out was okay. I was bummed and walked sadly by the computer about 30 times, but no tears, so life was good. LOL Saturday evening we went to buy a new monitor and on a whim, I let the kids drag me through Petco and was thoroughly amused at Brendan's complete joy in every. single. animal. there.

This morning I woke up early worried that my air conditioner was broken. When I realized that it was a user error rather than an expensive problem, I've just been feeling joyful. I spent my morning productively - cleaned the fridge, supper is in the crockpot, I'm ready for Bible study, dishes are done, kids are ready for church.

Life is good.

I hope this feeling sticks around for a while. It's nice to feel like this!


Mom2Mcube said...

I think I've had that same feeling this week. LOL Which for me is RARE! Like you, I hope this feeling stays around for a while!

Jessica said...

I'm happy that you're happy! Not that you don't usually seem happy. I'm just happy that you are extra happy. :)

And wasn't yesterday good?! I learned alot!