Thursday, January 1, 2009

At War With Myself

Pin It It's January 1st, time for all of the same ole' resolutions to be renewed.

To that end, I am ridding my house of all junk food, sweets, and anything else that approaches yumminess.

My frugalness will not allow me to throw this stuff out though.


I think we all know what the solution to this problem is.

Maybe we'll start those resolutions tomorrow. It's not considered actually BREAKING them if it's a holiday, right? RIGHT??

I knew you'd agree with me.

and btw ... I know I still have my Christmas siggy up. Blogger keeps giving me an error message when I go to change it.


Micah said...

I'll be right over for the junk food feast!
Hey, what are friends for?


MamaJ said...

Um, the fact that you even know how to keep changing your background and "siggy" impresses me! You're just too cool!