Sunday, May 17, 2009


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In our quest to cram an entire year's worth of fun into a few weeks, we made a rushed trip to San Antonio this past week. Sea World is free for military members plus three family members, so five for the price of one was too good a deal to pass up. We love San Antonio, but still haven't had the time to really explore all of the good things there. This is our third time to go all as a family and we've still only visiting Sea World, the Alamo, and Riverwalk. Maybe eventually we'll get to take the time to explore for real. In the meantime, we've completely enjoyed what we've done.

Here's a rundown of our trip:
Wednesday -- chaotic packing and cleaning. Finally got out of the house. There was this really cool restaurant in College Station that we've missed. We found that there was one just outside of Katy, so we decided we HAD to have a meal there! Freebirds!! Woohoo!! Okay, so we got to Katy at about 3:00, which is a really odd time for a meal, and we had to wake Brendan up to eat, but darn it, it's a vacation and if we want to have a meal at a weird time, we can. ;) And it WAS fabulous! We finally got to our hotel at about 7. The kids were itching to swim, but they were also wanting to eat. Go figure. Quick trip through Arby's, check into the hotel, toss kids into pool. Life is good.

Thursday -- Sea World! Woke up and Madelyn said "hm ... I feel kind of funny ..." She tends to get a bit of a nervous stomach from time to time, so I didn't think too much about it. She threw up and up and up. We gave her some tylenol and hoped for the best. It seemed to work for a while, and she had a good time until about lunch time. Then she started wilting and we had to decide whether to go ahead and leave or stay for the other two. We decided to just do shows in the afternoon (which Brendan loved, especially "Shampoo") and then get Madelyn back to the hotel and let the other two play in the pool some more.

Friday -- Downtown! Madelyn woke up feeling better. I gave her some tylenol immediately and kept giving it to her. We went to the Rivercenter mall because we knew we'd be going to the Alamo and wanted the girls to kind of see what it was about. The Imax Alamo movie was very good in my opinion. We all enjoyed going to the Alamo. Then the high point of the whole trip ... for Brendan! The Disney Store had a lot of Buzz Lightyear stuff. Doesn't get any better than that, if you're Brendan. He found the coolest Buzz toy and shoes and was so excited. We went on a boat ride down the river which he thought was very cool. Madelyn enjoyed it for a while, and Gabbi was a little bored with it. It was fun though, we had a great tour guide. Then we went back to the hotel ... and to my favorite restaurant for supper. La Madeleine!! WOOHOO~!!

Saturday -- time to go back home. :( We did stop at Katy Mills Mall along the way to let the kids stretch and to have lunch.

It was a great mini-vacation. I wish Madelyn had been feeling better; turns out she has strep! I hope I don't end up seriously regretting sharing my drink with her on Friday! One of the best and most amazing things ... NO ONE GOT SUNBURNED!! I think Brendan and I could get sunburned at night, so it was amazing to be able to keep that from happening.

I put pics up on facebook, so hop over there if you'd like to see vacation pics.

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Becky said...

I didn't see anything after "Freebirds." Yum!! It's 8:30 am and I am drooling over Freebirds!!! Oh, how I miss Texas food...